Technical Solutions

Our Booking Engine

iTravex booking engine is exclusively for professionals. It can be easily integrated into your online for travel agencies and direct clients.

We count with unique price from over 200.000 hotels and apartments from 9000 destinations.

Instant confirmation of hotels and services, you can print voucher with your company logo and a map directly from the reservation system.

Various payment options of bookings and the availability of multilingual staff in the booking and accounting departments.

White Label

One of the many products we offer is the White Label Website. With our White Label option iTravex provides everything you need for your website, allowing you to make reservations through it, so your customers can book from anywhere, at any time.

At iTravex we can provide you with different models of our booking engine, which can be tailored to your site, giving you the edge you need. With iTravex White Label, you will also be able to manage all the bookings done through the site using the interface. We will be with you every step of the way: our expert IT department will be available to aid you via chat or telephone at any time.

Competitive prices, substantial margins, and a great inventory are the keys to optimizing your business. At iTravex we provide the technology you need to be successful in this ever-growing market.

B2B Portal

The B2B portal allows travel agencies and other related companies search and buy our products. Once the travel agency wishes to make partner we supply them with an ID and password to log into our B2B website and have full access to our branch of products with the best conditions.


Quick procedure: start selling iTravex products within 24 hours.

Full access to the whole branch of our products.

Net prices.

Call center (24/7) will solve all your problems.

XML Integration

With iTravex, you can have the entire product adapted to your inventory. If you would like to have the best inventory in Europe at your disposal and you are an online agency, the XML integration is by far your best option. Additionally, you will have access to the iTravex interface which will allow you to manage, in a fast and practical way, any special request and observations.

The XML integration system is characterized by being swift and efficient, providing results in real time, making your product available to clients around the world. You will be able to manage all reservations made, whether they are for rooms, transfers, flights or cruises. XML integration will make your business more productive and efficient.

If you wish to add our XML inventory to your system or you want to find out more, please feel free to contact our commercial department at any time. It would be a pleasure to assist you. At iTravex, we aim to give you the best results.

XML Connector for customers

This system allows the interconnection between your information system with the iTravex products bank to search and book services while keeping the same sales environment of the customer.

Without logging out of your site your visitors will be able to book touristic services at zero maintenance on your behalf and gaining profits on each sale.


Sell iTravex products keeping your own sales environment.

Create a package with your products and ours to complete your offer

At no cost for the customer.

Call center (24/7) will solve all your problems

XML Connector for suppliers

XML connector for suppliers allows them to incorporate our suppliers’ products automatically into our products bank service. The connection is done by a XML interface that is based on Open Travel standards which easily allow the development of the product by the supplier.


You can offer your products without the users’ intervention.

At zero cost for the supplier.

Changes are immediately to be seen on your sales channels.

System prepared for Net prices / RRP.

Call center (24/7) will solve all your problems.

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